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Tamam financing is a fintech entity established in 2019. Our goal is to increase financial inclusion in the Kingdom in line with the Financial Sector Development Plan, part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

We offer individuals requiring financing the opportunity to immediately avail an Islamic Shari'a compliant loan without physically visiting a bank location. The end to-end Shari'a approved process takes minutes from the time you download the app till you have the loan amount.

How to Apply

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    حمل تطبيق تمام على نظام التشغيل Android أو IOS
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Frequently asked questions

  • General information

    What is Tamam?

    Tamam is a Fintech company established in 2019 in KSA and providing consumer micro-lending services in the kingdom under the supervision of the Saudi Central Bank. We offer instant financing without complicated documentation or visiting bank branches.

    What are the documents required to apply for personal finance?

    Tamam is digital finance, and it does not require any papers or documents, as the customer's data is verified after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

    Are your services Shariah compliant?

    Yes, Tamam products are Sharia-compliant.

    What are Tamam products?

    We currently offer consumer microfinance, and digital installments, and only others through Tamam partners.

    Do Tamam offer credit cards?

    We apologize, it's not available at the moment. Please follow our official account @UseTamam to stay updated with our latest news

    How do I contact Tamam customer service?

    You can do this by:

    • Contacting customer service via the toll-free number 8001010999
    • Contacting the technical support email
    • Contacting Tamam's customer service account on Twitter at @TAMAMCARE

    How do I contact Tamam Sales Service?

    You can contact customer service via the toll-free number 8001010999.

    How do I file a complaint?

    Our team is here to serve and help you. Visit for more information about requests and complaints. You will receive a text message on your mobile phone with the complaint number and the period for closing it after filing the complaint.

  • Apply for finance

    How do I apply for a loan?

    Download Tamam application on iOS or Android and complete the online registration. Based on your eligibility, you will be able to request a finance

     Can I apply for more than one finance?

    No, your existing finance must be fully settled to be able to apply for new financing.

    Can I request a new loan if I have a pending one?

    No, you need to fully settle your existing loan before you can apply for a new one

    If I have finance from Tamam, can I apply for digital installments?

    You need to complete your existing financing before requesting another one.

    What is the maximum financing amount?

    The maximum amount of financing is determined based on the internal credit scoring mechanism developed by Tamam, and the financing amount generally starts from 3 thousand to 50 thousand Saudi riyals.

    Can non-Saudis obtain financing?

    Yes, our financing services are available to Saudis and residents. Follow us on our official accounts to get the latest news at @UseTamam.

                       Is a sponsor required?

                             A sponsor is not required.

    What are my chances of getting financing if I have active financing??

    Tamam's internal credit policy will determine whether or not you can obtain financing.

    How do I know if I am eligible for a loan?

    After completing the online registration process and starting the loan application, customers eligibility will instantly be calculated

    Can I request finance from Tamam if I'm a defaulter in SIMAH?

    You can enter Tamam application to check if you are eligible for the loan.

    Can I choose an amount less than the one offered to me?

    You can determine the amount by choosing the period shown in the application from two months to 24 months.

    I got a payment reminder message, but I don't have active finance!

    In order to track the amount with the authorities, please request a letter of transfer details.

    How much is the profit percentage?

    Service fees depend on several factors. The application or our website will provide you with the financing profit percentage and any other fees.

    What type of legal actions could I face for failing to repay my loan?

    You will be reported to the Saudi credit bureau (SIMAH) which will negatively impact your future credit requirements and also to the respective courts or authorities. Hence, please ensure to pay promptly to avoid any future credit or legal impact

    How do I pay my installment via Mada or Credit Card in the app?

    You can make payments by accessing the payment section in the application and adding your credit or Mada card. To pay the installment using your Mada or credit card through the application, you should follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the application.
    2. Choose the installment you want to pay.
    3. Select the payment method and the card you want to use (Mada or credit).
    4. Enter the card details (card number, expiration date, and CVV code).
    5. Click on the "Pay" button to complete the payment process.

    Make sure that you have sufficient balance in your card or available credit limit if you are using a credit card. Also, remember to update your card information regularly and ensure its validity to maintain smooth usage and pay installments regularly.

    What is the maximum loan amount that I can get?

    The maximum financing amount depends on each customer's profile. Please register on the app, go through the steps and you will be able to automatically see your eligibility

    Why was my request rejected?

    In the event that the conditions are not met, the application will be rejected based on the product policy.

    What is the loan profit rate that I have to pay?

    The profit rates vary depending on each customer's profile and eligibility. You need to request new finance through the app and accordingly, you will be able to check the profit rate and any other related fees.

    Why am I not eligible for a loan?

    Customer eligibility depends on a large number of factors such as your income, SIMAH score, debt burden ratio and more. There isn't a unique answer to this question. If you'd like to know more, please contact our customer support through LiveChat.

    Why am I only eligible for SAR XX?

    We define your maximum loan value based on a unique internal credit scoring mechanism developed by Tamam. The credit score cannot be altered; this is the maximum loan amount you are eligible for at this stage based on your profile (i.e. income, SIMAH score, debt burden ratio...)

    On what basis you calculate the fees?

    As per the financing agreement, we applied a standard service fee on your loan driven by the loan amount you have selected. An early settlement of your loan would help you avoid any additional fees

    Can I cancel the loan after signing the agreement?

    The loan can only be canceled within the first 10 days with the condition that the financing amount is not transferred to any local bank account with the condition of repaying the administrative fees incurred by Tamam to approve the financing application in compliance with SAMA's Consumer Protection Principles

    What is the daily limit for Mada?

    The daily limit for the purchase service varies according to the bank and your classification in the bank. Therefore, the daily limit of your account must be raised if the payment amount is higher than the limit to accept the process. (For example, the amount of early payment for the customer is 40,000 riyals, and the daily purchase limit on your bank card is 20,000 riyals.) You can raise the daily limit through the bank to 50,000 riyals and complete the process of paying the early repayment amount through the Tamam application.

    How are early repayment payments processed?

    All transactions are calculated automatically at the end of a working day and are reflected in the system automatically.

    How are outstanding payments processed?

    Payments due are automatically processed within 24 hours. if the payments are not processed within 24 hours, please contact the customer care team through the toll-free number: 8001010999

    How do I cancel the contract?

    As long as the amount is not transferred to any local bank account and the administrative fees calculated for approving the application are paid in accordance with the Central Bank's consumer protection principles, the financing can be canceled within ten business days. For more information, please call our unified number at 8001010999 or send an email to

    What are the financing terms?

    You must be an employee in the private or government sector, and the period of service should not be less than 3 months. The salary for Saudis should be 4,000 and for residents 5,000 as a minimum, and your age should not be less than 20 years old.

    When will the amount be deposited into my bank account?

    The financing amount is deposited instantly after the cash-out.

    What is the maximum financing amount?

    The maximum amount of financing is determined based on the internal credit scoring mechanism developed by Tamam, and the financing amount generally starts from 3 thousand to 50 thousand Saudi riyals.

    Where can I find the contract?

    You can view the contract by logging into the TAMAM application.

    How can I get the clearance letter?

    You can request a clearance letter through the App, and the request will be processed within 1 working day.

    How is financing rescheduled?

    You can request a rescheduling by sending an email to to verify your eligibility for rescheduling.

    How can I request a letter of indebtedness?

    You can pay by transferring to your unique IBAN shown in your contract.

  • Registration & login

            How do I update job data?


    Job data is updated automatically.

    How do I update my national address?

    The national address is automatically updated after updating it in the SPL platform.

    Why did my account get closed in the application after the approval?

    The account has been suspended for your protection and safety, the verification will be done within 3 working days.

    How is the suspension lifted from my account?

    To remove the suspension from the account, please contact customer service through the toll-free number 8001010999.

    I received a verification SMS containing a temporary password from TAMAM, even though I did not submit any requests.

    Please contact us via TAMAM's official channels urgently so that we can secure the account.

    My account is under verification, when will I receive the verification call?

    You will receive a verification call within 3 business days.

    Can I submit a financing cancellation request after the account is under verification, or should I wait for verification?

    The customer can raise a request to cancel the financing request regardless of the suspension or activation of the account.

    What should I do when the message "National Identity Expiration" appears?

    Kindly make sure that your ID is updated

    Why am I receiving an error message stating that my ID already exist within your platform?

    Someone has registered using this ID number and verified it with Absher.

    What should I do when a message ("Application Error") appears?

    If you receive an error message indicating a problem with the application, you can follow these steps:

    1. Update the application to the latest available version as the issue may have been fixed in the new version.
    2. Restart the application and try accessing the service again.
    3. If the message still appears, you can contact the customer support team of Tamam via e-mail at to inform them of the problem and provide us with a screenshot of the issue, and your request will be processed as soon as possible

    How do I change the mobile number in the Tamam application?

    You can change the mobile number through the Tamam application: Settings > Change the mobile number. The mobile number must be linked to the account holder's name.

    Why am I receiving an error when inputting my phone number?

    Please make sure you are using your Saudi primary phone number registered with Absher and linked to your national ID

    Why am I not receiving a temporary password?

    Please make sure you can access the phone number you have registered with Tamam. Temporary password validation is required to move to the next step

    Why am I not receiving Absher temporary password?

    Absher temporary password is managed directly by Absher and sent to your primary mobile number registered with them. Please make sure you have access to that mobile number or you cannot proceed

    I forgot my pin, how can I reset it?

    You can reset your PIN if you have access to your registered phone number. All you need to do is to click "forgot PIN" at the login page and follow the steps.

    I have received a verification SMS that contains a temporary password from Tamam, however, I haven't submitted any request. Why is that?

    This might be a potential fraud. We will have to temporarily block the account registered using your phone number and National ID\Iqama and investigate further

  • Transfer from/to Tamam

    When is the financing amount deposited?

    The amount of financing will be in your wallet when you submit the Tamam application. After the end of the validation period (24 hours), you can enter the application and transfer the amount to your bank account that you previously registered.

    How do I cash-out my loan?

    You can cash-out your loan by transferring money to any bank account in the Kingdom using the cash-out option.

    Why my bank does not appear in the list of banks?

    You can only transfer to local bank accounts in the Kingdom. If your bank is in the Kingdom and its not in the list, please contact us.

    I transferred the money to my bank account. when it will be deposited at my bank account?

    Transfer request to bank account usually processed from Sunday till Thursday between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Other than that, you'll receive the amount on the second working day after 9:00 am

    I still have not received money transferred to local bank account. Why is that?

    Please send us your transaction number or a screenshot of the transaction notification and we will get back to you shortly

  • Repayment

    I have transferred the money from my bank account, however, weekly interest was added prior to the money reaching my Tamam account? What do I need to do?

    Please send us a proof of the transaction on livechat (e.g., screenshot or SMS notification) and we will review your case and take the appropriate action accordingly

    When is the installment due?

                        on the 1st of every month.

    How do I pay my installments?

    You can pay through the application using:

    1. Apple Pay
    2. Mada card
    3. credit card
    4. transferring the amount or installment to the company's Arab Bank IBAN registered in the application and add your full name in the beneficiary field. 


    How are profits calculated in the event of early repayment? What is the payment method?

    The amount of the remaining financing plus the profits of the next three months Early repayment is done through the Tamam application, and the calculation is done automatically.

    Can I pay part of the installment?

    You can make partial payment after agreement with the collection department, then you can pay through your IBAN registered in the application.

    Can I pay if I’m outside the Kingdom?

    You can pay by transferring to your unique IBAN shown in your contract.


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